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October 14th, 2019 


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Knock Knock Give A Sock


Time Commitment

1-2 Weeks



Brooklyn, NY


Work Type



The Organization

Knock Knock, Give a Sock is an organization that collects the most needed, but least donated article of clothing for those experiencing homelessness: socks. While many people donate clothing, 9 out of every 10 people who have donated clothing have never donated a pair of socks. On top of that, most organizations do not accept gently used socks, but at KKGS – we do!

Who we're looking for

We need help developing our content and impact so the public can hear about us and engage in the orgnaization

Our Challenge

We’re looking for someone with at least two (2) years of demonstrated experience cultivating and sustaining high-impact community and school partnerships, and/or experience in large-scale outreach, admissions, talent recruitment, account management, business development, or community organizing. They thrive in dynamic, collaborative environments and are driven by meeting and exceeding territory goals.

Necessary Skills

Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Logo Development, Video Production

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