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The RXR Social Impact Experiences Platform is designed to provide carefully curated and impactful skills-based volunteer opportunities to the multitude of professionals that live, work and stay with us, by matching their unique skill-sets/passions with non-profits in need of specific high-quality talent.

Doing Good

Individuals that live, work and stay with us have an opportunity to develop professionally while addressing their innate sense to make a positive difference in the world and achieve a higher sense of purpose.

Doing Well

Study after study shows that companies offering transformational and values-aligned opportunities to their employees are more likely to attract and retain premier talent. 

Doing Better

Connecting the unique skill-sets/passions of professionals with mission-aligned non-profits in need of help, serves to improve the communities in which we reside, and delivers on our overarching goal of making the world a better place.

Doing well means doing good. 

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